Despite the world becoming more and more connected throughout the Information Age, people are feeling increasingly lonely. This contemporary problem of social isolation is afflicting our aging population at a disproportionate rate. One way to address this problem is through intergenerational relationships. Research has shown that pairing elementary school aged children with seniors is beneficial not only to older adults, but also improves the education and development of children during their formative years.
Los Angeles Unified School District is one of the largest landowners in the city of LA and they themselves have admitted that they do not have the proper management or resources to turn underutilized assets into properties that are supporting their districts’ goals. My project takes advantage of excess surface space on LAUSD elementary schools that are currently covered by tracks and playgrounds to create co-living buildings for retired people and LAUSD staff, as well as new arts, sports and play facilities for the elementary schools that can be shared by both children and seniors. Instead of simply removing excess surface playground space to build these structures, I propose to replace it with new and improved play areas embedded in and on top of these new buildings.

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